While being bright and bold, the album is also raw and heart-wrenching. This comes through in the sway-inducing breakup song ‘Never Good Enough’, where she says “I thought I was better than this, I’m not. I guess I’m just controlled by my emotions just like everyone else”. This is the kind of song you put on when all your friends are over and everyone is like “omg this song is sooooo good!”.

‘Island’, which she wrote about the feeling of isolation that comes with worrying you may never be special enough, is a groovy masterpiece that will live on through your “Pool Side Margaritas” playlist all summer. The accompanying video, directed by Marie-Soleil Denault, is a diverse visual representation of sisterhood with hues of pink, orange and purple that is definitely going on our spring/summer moodboard

Outro’s electronic-pop through line is on full display in the danceable beat of ‘Will You?’, best listened to walking, no strutting, the streets in a really good outfit. While ‘Three’ has an edgier sound that will give you a putting-on-a-leather-jacket feeling


With songs like ‘Swimmer’ and ‘Seeking’, she is stripped down, pairing romantic lyricism to dreamy harp melodies. The album’s range spans musical genres and sensibilities to create a unique sonic umami that sets it apart from the rest

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Emilie Kahn is doing much more than making a strong case for the cool-girl straight across bangs and head to toe pink (she even has baby pink winter boots!), she is an artist that deserves your immediate attention. Join her fanclub and prepare to be wrapped in pink crushed velvet through sound.

Emilie Kahn’s Album and Tour launch party is March 7th at Centre Phi.