How To Hygge Your Apartment Just In Time For This Winter


If you’re anything like me, you’ve already mentally (and physically!) prepared yourself for hibernation for the next 5 months. Since Quebec Winters can be both long and brutal, it is my personal belief that one’s home should be turned into a warm and cozy sanctuary… A hygge home, basically


What is hygge you ask? Hygge is a Danish word for quality of cosiness, feeling warm, comfortable and safe. Because it’s a feeling or not a thing, it’s technically not something you can buy or get. However, it is not impossible to create that said feeling by including some of these elements in your home



Layers, layers, layers

No, I’m not talking fashion here. I’m talking layers for your furniture. Nothing screams cozy quite like a few blankets and plush pillows. Get snuggly by mixing comfortable fabrics like linen, cotton, knits, velvet and faux fur. Perfect setup for a Netflix And Chill kind of day


Set The Mood

Turn off those bright lights and set the mood by lighting plenty of candles and white Christmas lights. Better yet, if you have a fireplace, start it!

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Drink Up!

Hot cocoa, latte or tea that is… Sit back, cover yourself with a blanket, wear thick socks, grab a good book and enjoy a frothy hot beverage


Keep It Neutral

Stick to muted and neutral colors throughout your home. You want something that is soothing and calming for your eyes, nothing too distracting. Worried your house will look ‘blah’? Don’t sweat it, instead of using bright colors, make statements by mixing raw and lux materials, as well as fabrics as mentioned above


Bring The Outside In

Add a little bit of life with easy to maintain plants, such as eucalyptus, cotton flowers, or succulents


Last but not least, make sure you get endless cuddles and kisses to keep you warm throughout this mating season!