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Fight against stress and fatigue signs, here are the reasons why @marianna_hewitt blogger and her friend @laurengores decided to launch Summer Fridays. Their goal: soothe stressed skin to make everyday a summer Friday. TGIF! We love the idea!


Lauren Gores & Marianne Hewitt

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For now, the brand offers two products: Jet Lag mask and Over-time mask, which was just launched last week. Summer Fridays products are vegan, are free of harmful ingredient such as perfumes or artificial dyes, ds aggressive surfactants, petroleum jelly, GMOs, and are not tested on animals


Masque Jet Lag Summer Fridays 59 $

A unique moisturizer, perfect for dry or dull skins, made of ingredients with recognized benefits: vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants etc. It offers a rich moisturizing effect and gives a radiant complexion in only one use. This mask is calming, refreshing and soothes the skin instantly.


Summer Fridays Overtime Mask $54

You have dull skin, wrinkles / fine lines or enlarged pores? This purifying mask is for you. The main ingredient is pumpkin, which is rich in vitamins, as well as apricot kernel powder, which acts as a natural scrub, that will help you get a super luminous effect



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Saturday…yay! Sleep, stay up late, go on an adventure, we do whatever we want the weekend! The Korean collection was designed to make your skin as beautiful as when you wake up late Saturday morning. A brighter complexion, more luminous and dewy :) Saturday Skin is a weekend in a bottle

Saturday Skin secret is Cha-7 es Complex(TM), an exclusive formula based on peptides stimulating the natural skin’s regenerating process. Developed by scientists based on natural ingredients, this complex supports natural collagen and elasticity, while reducing the production of melanin, for an irreproachable complexion without stress. In addition, it doesn’t have added dye or fragrance.


Saturday Skin Rise + Shine Gentle Cleanser $32

Eliminates impurities and offers a fresh and clean feeling without depriving the skin of its hydration. You’ll be clean clean clean


Saturday Skin Light Moisturizing Cream $61

Incorporates a patented peptides complex based on nutrient-rich fruit extracts that enhances the skin’s moisture, texture and tonicity