Maripier x Reebok: the Be More Human’s campaign

Maripier joins Reebok Canada’s big family for the launch of their new campaign #BeMoreHuman

Reebok celebrates strong and inspiring women, those who are helping bring positive change to the world – each in their own unique way. Be More Human encourages people to be the best possible version of themselves as much physically, mentally and socially. Featured in the campaign are artists and athletes including Gal Gadot, Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande, who each tell their own personal story of overcoming barriers to become their best self

Maripier’s message: “If you work hard and put your heart into it, you can do anything”

P.S. Starting today, you can purchase limited edition t-shirts with the hashtag #BeMoreHuman, 100% of the proceeds from sales will be donated to feminist associations: Movemeant Foundation and Women’s Strength Coalition. For more details, visit