Ruled by the almighty Sun, no wonder Leos are notoriously known for attracting all the attention when they gracefully waltz into a room. All eyes are immediately drawn onto these ever glowing creatures. Not only can’t we stop staring at their crazy-stupid natural beauty, but we are also astounded by their unrivalled generosity. Even though they are almost close to perfection – we said almost, the zodiac didn’t spare them. Yes, this fire sign also has personality traits that can be worked on in order to become a better version of oneself. Who, me? Yes, you! Find out how these popular peeps are somewhat more complex than they lead on

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Fixed Sign
Element: Fire
Friend planet: Sun
Chosen Season: Summer
Favourite Colour: Gold (duh!)
Anthem: Born This Way by Lady Gaga


Maybe not the best fans of changes; however, these highly sociable individuals are extremely talented when it comes to making conversation and offering sound advice to people whom they’ve taken under their wings. You can count on these sweet souls to be there for you, no matter what, when and where. It doesn’t get more fair and reliable than Leos. However, they won’t shy away from telling you you’re being oh-so-dramatic. So, if you’re looking for a friend who takes your side, even though you might be (a tad!) wrong, look elsewhere. Their purpose on this planet is to rule their kingdom with utmost protection and care to their chosen disciples. As natural leaders, they lead with highly respectable qualities but they might have a tendency to let fame get to their ego

Born fierce
Generous without counting
The definition of attractiveness
Always, always, always fair

Bragging rights
Loves the attention
Queens of silliness
Not very open to criticism


It would be impossible to forget you, dear Leo rising, no?
As a matter of fact, people with Leo ascendants rarely go unnoticed and they know it. They are very aware of the effect they have on people and they are masters at it. Oddly enough, their willingness to outshine everyone around them shouldn’t be mistaken for self-centeredness. They truly care for the people who surround them but don’t interrupt them while they’re starring in the imaginary daily YouTube vlog of their life

No matter how you slice it, Leos tend to have a bubbly personality and an attractive allure that attracts a lot of admiring eyes. If you have the chance to share your life with one of these summer babies, you should know that the key to their heart truly lies in giving them the benefit of the doubt, once in a while. They do give it to you more than you ask for it, no? We bet they do