The new way to suit up

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As women are gaining more traction in the boardroom – hell yeah, it comes to no surprise that the blazer is still an item to consider adding (or updating) into your fall wardrobe. While fancy track suits aren’t going anywhere, the girl boss in you will want to be taken seriously during a meeting with the VIPs. And, that’s when the OG topper makes a casual-not-so-casual appearance

You’ve already seen all your favourite ladies wear the stunner, but now it’s your turn to adapt it to your choice of sauce. Don’t get us wrong, the blazer doesn’t have to be corporate; however, it definitely can if that’s the look you’re going for. Case in point: there’s a serious jacket for all cats out there who feel like screaming GRL PWR

The sporty combo

When it’s hot as hell outside but you still want to crush it at your meeting with a killer deck and a fire outfit, we propose turning to Leandra and Pernille for some major fashion inspo – biker shorts and a blazer to the rescue

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The soft suit

Even though it’s still summer, these ladies have already incorporated some key fall pieces into their heavy outfit rotation. If you want to do it right like our girls Marianne and Emily, you’ll want to revisit your power-suiting situation with a soft blazer to pair with your favourite prints

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The edgy suit

No one puts Babe in a classic suit. Especially, when we can take some major style cues from our imaginary BFFs Bella and Aleali who definitely know how to nail the edgy suit. Leave it to them to show you how it’s done thanks to metalized accessories and chunky footwear. Drip awaits

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Investing in a head-turning blazer now means wearing it with shorts for the next few months and pairing it with trousers or floor-grazing frocks when fall rolls around. Hello, outfit options! We’ve been patiently waiting