Think you know Maripier. Think again.

PHOTO Rupert Lamontagne

In honour of Maripier’s birthday, we are highlighting her unique traits through the reading of her astrological birth chart. We already know that she is down-to-earth yet a tad drama queen – loves it. She also (still) amazes us with her infatuating go-getter attitude and her knack for making everyone feel special in their own way. OK, we might be biased. However, her planets aren’t biased at all and they can tell a whole lot about the charming MP

Born on July 7, 1986, at 6:30 pm in Quebec, Quebec; let’s see what the stars have to say about our favourite fashionista.


Sign: Cancer
Rising: Sagittarius
Moon: Cancer
Mercury: Leo
Venus: Leo
Mars: Capricorn
Jupiter: Pisces


Most of us know her as the Instagram queen and the ultimate fashion icon, but let us tell you that her Cancer sun sign adds a lot of depth to her bubbly personality – we’ll get back to that later. Maripier is also the master when it comes to demystifying her own emotions and the feelings of the ones around her. But don’t be fooled by her charming looks, she can size you up in a blink of an eye.

Let’s get back to MP’s bubbly personality. Thanks to her rising in Sag, she is never short of conversation (unless you’re a tad boring – no offence) and she is always (ALWAYS) interested in learning about things that she doesn’t know about. However, she might talk over you at times, but eh who’s keeping track.

PHOTO Rupert Lamontagne

Usually, emotions then to run high when you’re a girl boss like MP. Now, combine the go-getter attitude with a moon in Cancer. You’re in what we like to call a roller coaster of emotions. It’s all about living the emotion to the fullest, right?

Psst. We’re letting you in on a little secret. Maripier might be a Cancer sun; however, her Mercury is in Leo. In simple words, she acts as a Cancer but she thinks as Leo. So, in plain English, this means that even though she might be emotional (at times), she means business and she is very fair in her decision-making.

PHOTO Gaëlle Leroyer

What about Maripier in love? Well, she also has Leo tendencies in her romantic life. When in a committed relationship, this lady needs to feel that the love she is giving is being reciprocated. In her opinion, a loving relationship is a two-way street with a side of romantic gestures to feel the L-O-V-E in the couple.

In her career life, Maripier thrives when she is surrounded by people whom she can mentor as well as offer guidance to through their professional paths and when she gets to expand the reach of her creative capabilities. If there’s one person, you can count on having your back at all times, it’s definitely this gal.

Happy birthday, Maripier!