Instagram @maccosmetics


From: Toronto

Foundation: In 1984 by Frank Toscan and Frank Angelo

Specialty: artistique and professional makeup for all ages, skin tones and genders that set new trends at Fashion Week everywhere in the world

Price: $5.40 to $95.40




Instagram @nudestix


From: Toronto

Foundation: In 2014 by Jenny Frankel and her daughters Taylor and Ally Frankel

Specialty: makeup crayons enriched with vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizers for the face, eyes and lips that are easy to use to give you a nude look. Without prersavatives, parabens and cruelty to animals

Price: $12 to $75



Cargo Cosmetics

Instagram @cargocosmetics

From: Toronto

Foundation: In 1996 by Hana Zalzal

Specialty: fresh, innovative and fun makeup that allows women to get simple and professional results

Price: $16 to $39


Cover FX

Instagram @coverfx

From: Toronto


Foundation: In 2000 by Victor Casale, Lee Graff and Neil Shear

Specialty: high-performing formulas that are innovative, customizable, cover better and allow you to be creative

Price: $12 to $117


Bite Beauty

Instagram @bitebeauty


From: Toronto

Foundation: In 2011 by Suzanne Langmuir

Specialty: anti-aging and hydrating lip makeup made based on natural ingredients and available in several colours

Price: $18 to $26



Stellar Beauty


Instagram @stellarbeautyofficial

From: Toronto

Foundation: In 2015 by Monica Deol

Specialty: high performance makeup available in different textures and amazing colours for all skin tones, but that caters even more to medium-range skin tones

Price: $25 to $50


Ilia Beauty

Instagram @iliabeauty


From: Vancouver

Foundation: In 2011 par Sasha Plavsic

Specialty: makeup based on up to 85% bioactive and organic ingredients, with super nutritious elements and trendy pigments

Price: US $24 to US$54


RMS Beauty


Instagram @rmsbeauty


From: Vancouver

Foundation: In 2008 by Rose Marie Swift

Specialty: makeup made with organic ingredients to promote natural beauty

Price: US $20 to US $44


Annabelle Cosmetics


Instagram @annabellecosmetics


From: Montreal

Foundation: In 1967 by More Cohen

Specialty: makeup renowned for its vibrant and trendy shades, and for its textures, making us want to be creative with our looks

Price: $4.95 à $12.95