Decoding Zodiacs: Don’t try to understand a Cancer


Meet the ultimate summer baby: the Cancer. As a cardinal sign, these crabby creatures are the definition of all or nothing. They feel most alive when living at the extremes of a given situation. Since they commit themselves to their ephemeral passions, they usually require a lot of downtime to recuperate during which time they take most pleasure in nurturing their loved ones and resourcing in their homes. Despite their social-butterfly demeanor, they are one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac. You can definitely count on them to give you the best advice, even though they might not be the best at following their advice for themselves


Zodiac Sign: Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cardinal Sign

Element: Water

Friend planet: Moon

Chosen Season: Summer

Favourite Colour: White

Anthem: So Emotional by Whitney Houston


If there’s an event happening somewhere, you can expect your friend Cancer to already be on her way to get the party started. Not only is she introducing you to loads of peeps, but she’s also dancing on top of something that is not the floor – because that’s too boring, no? Hell yeah. To put it simply, you’re bound to have a good time if you’re partying with a Cancer. As much as they love to bring people together, they also crave a lot of me time which caters to their maternal instincts. Home-cooked meals, Netflix binge sessions with the entire crew on the couch and skincare routines are just a few of the guilty pleasures that the typical Cancer homebody loves to indulge in



The mother figure of your gang

As sweet as sugar

In love with the idea of being in L-O-V-E

Not a bad bone in your body



It’s not me, it’s her

The party doesn’t start without you

People don’t earn your trust easily

Might come off as a tad over-protective


Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you, Cancer Rising

Whether you’re dating a rising Cancer or friends with one, you’re in for a treat. When feelings are involved, you can expect your partner to sway you with many oh-so-romantic gestures. And, when the relationship is simply friendly, you will be listened to and taken care of until you disappoint them. Good luck after that, you’re on your own!


Some might think they are bipolar, but these individuals were born with a special gift: the gift of empathy. They understand people’s feelings so well that they adapt their personality to better cater to all kinds of people. Their self-defense mechanism is also very strong so if you cross them, you’re kaput!