Beard, hair and face, 3 brands for men made in Quebec to maintain your look

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You’re a guy who like to have and maintain flawless hair and beard, and you use more than one product in your routine (not just shampoo or shaving cream)? You’ll love discovering brands from Quebec that offer different products than those you’re probably used to. On top of their originality, they’re not very expensive (except for full kits)! Go ahead and buy some!

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Wise was conceived for the new environmentally conscious type of consumers: the products are made of natural ingredients and aren’t tested on animals. The line includes hair products such as shampoos and pomades.

Price: $20 to $34

To add to your hair routine: red maple cream pomade, clay pomade

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Men’s Seasons offers natural, efficient and pleasant products, conceived in an sustainable way for you face routine. In Winter, your skin is more dry so the hydrating products are long-lasting and there’s even a Winter protector to avoid damage from the cold on your face. In Summer, it’s hot, the cleanser is conceived to eliminate sweat and dirt fast, and the hydrating cream is absorbed fast

Price: $19.99 to $85.97

To add to your hair routine: the forest-summer kit which includes the cleanser, moisturizer and mattifier

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FOR YOUR BEARD : Clark & James Grooming

Founded in 2014 by Anne Dardick, Clark & James is a classic and elegant brand designed for distinguished men who like doing things the old fashioned way. The brand sells products for all the beard maintenance steps while reflecting its values: simplicity, tradition and heritage

Price: $17 to $136

To add to your hair routine: mint shaving soap puck, safety razor, after-shave serum