5 organisms helping women in Quebec, because it’s important

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It’s all nice and pretty to talk about makeup, beauty, fashion, but the women’s cause is a very important one for Maripier. In Quebec, there are so many organisms and foundations to help women out, no matter the reason: poverty, entrepreneurship, health, etc. We are presenting to you 5 of them with their mission in order to maybe make you discover an organism that will help you in your life, or a woman you know


Mission : shelter women facing domestic violence, and their children, in a free and confidential manner

Réseau Québécois d’Action pour la Santé des Femmes

Mission: improve mental and physical health of women, including marginalized women

Foundation Lise Watier

Mission: help women in the need to regain control of their future and their children by giving them tools (training, microcredits) and support, in the hopes of becoming financial autonomous

How to support the issue? You can donate online or buy tickets for the fund-raising event Lueurs de Marrakech at the Windsor Station on October 11th 2018

Centre d’Entrepreneuriat Féminin du Québec

Mission: give entrepreneurial women in Quebec accompaniment services to start or develop their company in the hopes of becoming financially independent and to succeed in business

Centre d’encadrement pour jeunes femmes immigrantes


Mission: help immigrant women between 12 and 35 years old to integrate quickly into society, economy, culture and as citizens, while also defending their rights

How to support the issue? You can donate online or apply to volunteer