Hairstyles to get you through hot summer days

The month of June is fast approaching and hot summer days are coming really fast! To your despair, your lion hair is making you even warmer? SO TRUE! We have the solution for you: simple and funkier hairstyles can help you free your neck and make the weather a bit more tolerable. Yes, admit that we’re saving your life hihi


Low ponytails, it’s a no, the goal is to free your neck! So, opt for a higher style. Also, you can add a fun scrunchy for a more fashionable look
Tumblr @darlingwithnoprobs


Tumblr @modellovepersonal
We talked to you about the half-bun but now it’s not the right solution for a hot summer day that’s coming. The bun (not perfect plz) or the two buns Baby Spice style will work some magic for you, and you won’t have annoying pieces of hair in your face. And it’s so fast to do!
Tumblr @modellovepersonal


You’ll see them EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHERE this summer -- boxer braids appeared during last year’s festival season, but they’re even hotter this year. And having tested them, it’s our fave hairstyle for the warm season and especially when it’s very humid. Good news, the next day you have flawless wavy hair… Ahhhhh we like that!
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For the girl that doesn’t sweat her life haha! A classic: a braid. Not much to say, except that it’s always very nice and les complicated than boxer braids
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