7 hottest spring beauty trends

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If you’re a beauty fan and you watch all the gurus videos on YouTube, this article is for you! Views on runways and celebrities, we have spotted seven really hot trends this season from eyes, lips, nails and skin. A quick tip: if you don’t want to look like a clown, opt for one trend at a time 😉

Blue gaze

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Mario did it, it’s everywhere on the runways — you can put some blue eyeshadow, blue eyeliner or even eyeliner under your eye!

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Word play nail art

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Classic manis are boring! Letter art on nails are so much cooler, especially when it gets a message across!

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Rosy flushed cheeks

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Heavy contouring is over, flushed cheeks are taking over to define the face!

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Ultra glossy raspberry or red lips

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This Spring, forget about matte lips (sorry Kylie Jenner) — the trend is to have red or raspberry ultra glossy lips.

Golden highlighter à la Fenty Beauty

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Put your subtle highlighters aside and make sure your highlight is GOLD and out there!


Spidery lashes

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Stop worrying about separating your lashes perfectly and putting some fake ones on — spidery, clumpy lashes are in! Embrace the morning after makeup look


Look Glass Skin

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