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Get to know the man who (still) makes Maripier weak in the knees

Meet Brandon Prust. Some of you may know him because of his hockey career, others of you know him because of his romantic status to Maripier. Personally, I know him because my boyfriend initiated me to sports a few years ago and I have to admit that I am very fond of individuals who put their own people before anyone else, even if it means breaking a few rules here and there.

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Born on March 16th, 1984 at 11:40 pm in London, Ontario; let’s see what the stars have to say about Prusty.


Sign: Pisces

Rising: Scorpio

Moon: Virgo

Mercury: Aries

Venus: Pisces

Mars: Scorpio

Jupiter: Capricorn


Yes, he’s a dreamer but he’s also a doer which is rare for a Pisces because they tend to be lost in Lalaland quite often. However, he’s more into making things happen. Don’t get me wrong! Brandon still needs some “me” time though, so we’re glad Maripier is coaching him how to take care of his skin – wink wink.


Let me stop you right there. Don’t even try to figure out a Pisces, they’re impossible to nail down yet they’ve already understood everyone around them. Acting mysterious is their weapon of choice and they are very comfortable using it, just like Eleven and her powers.

So far, we have that Brandon is a realistic dreamer with a mysterious demeanor. Let’s add that he feels happiest when he is helping and guiding the ones he love. He offers advice and guidance without asking for anything in return. A true gentleman!


When it comes to communication style, let’s just say that Prusty doesn’t have time to sit down and ease into a tricky subject. He goes straight to the point without thinking about whether or not this could create some friction. Is there a problem? Let’s fix it right now!

Maripier chose well – or is it the other way around? I guess we’ll never know. Brandon believes in sticking with someone through thick and thin. As a hopeless romantic, he has no problem showing his unconditional love to his other half. And, let’s just say that things must not be boring in the bedroom.


Career-wise, Brandon tends to be most successful when he is in a position of authority and his job requires him to juggle with his organizational skills as well as act in an ethical and mature way. In Prust we trust!


Happy birthday, Brandon!