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Which sneaker guy are you?

It all started with a collab: Raf Simons x Adidas. Then, the rest is history. Sneakers have slowly ventured out of gym territory and made it onto the streets, and even into the boardroom. Now that the price tag on some sneaks is so ridiculous that you could (almost) wear them at your own wedding, you definitely need a few options in your closet depending on your style.

Depending on your vibe, we’ve narrowed down a few key styles to complete your pure fire outfits:

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The O.G.

The name says it all: you go for the originals. You can’t go wrong with classic sneakers that have been around longer than your mother-in-law’s favourite tea set.

Your top 3: Nike Air Force 1, Adidas Stan Smith, Reebok Classic Leather

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New Cool

If you know who Tyler The Creator is, then you’re definitely a New Cool kinda guy. You opt for laid-back sneaks that complement your easy-does-it attitude. Super chill bro.

Your top 3: Vans Old Skool, Converse Chuck Taylor, Adidas Slides – white socks included.

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More Money Than God

Money does buy happiness, and it comes in the form of insanely priced sneakers that grant you Hypebeast status on Instagram. #DoingItForTheGram

Your top 3: Balenciaga Triple S, Raf Simons Ozweego, Gucci Rhyton

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Classic Champ (Casey Neistat)

Chances are, you live in your Patagucci and you come from Connecticut, and you definitely want in on the sneaker game. So, you’re the kind of guy who opts for upscale classics that you can legit wear to a fancy event.

Your top 3: Golden Goose Superstar, Common Projects Achilles, Saint-Laurent Court Sneaker


We’ve selected a few styles for you, so now all you have to do is add to cart!