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The man behind streetwear sensation and runway phenomenon, Off-White

With yet another runway collection under his belt, Virgil Abloh has done it again. And, we honestly don’t know how he manages to do it all with everything the man has going on in his life. We’re still contemplating all theories since this remains a case unsolved.

Instagram @off___white

You might not recognize the runway pieces from this multi-hyphenated man – yet, but we’re pretty sure you’re already quite familiar with the tee-shirts and parkas with diagonal crosses on their backs as well as the bright yellow industrial belts. It’s no understatement saying that all the Instagram kids have at least one OW piece in their closets by now thanks to Kenny and B.

Instagram @off___white
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Instagram @off___white

It seems that Abloh does not require sleep like the rest of us. He designs his Off White collections, collabs with emerging and established designers, DJs with his designer buddies and caters to his family. More precisely, he recently collaborated with footwear giant Nike, talented creative director Heron Preston and luxurious handmade women’s shoe brand Jimmy Choo – only to name a few. Oh, and let’s not forget his recently signed home collection partnership with a brand you might have heard of: Ikea.

Instagram @virgilabloh

We kid you not: all his creations are as covetable as the next one which makes it that much harder to resist the temptation. Every time a new collab is announced, we’re (literally) calling our credit card company to raise the limit – one last time. His pieces might not be cheap but they are definitely worth the hype!

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Consider yourself warned. Young boys might stop you on the street complimenting your one-of-a-kind pieces.