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T.G.I.F! Weekend’s To Do: Napoleon and Sake!

Saturday February 22

Of course you should take advantage of the first weekend of Montréal en Lumière to take a stroll through Place-des-Arts, but that’s not the only thing you can do in your city today…

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Take a few hours to wander through the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The curator Sylvain Cordier has arranged for you an immersive journey in the visual realm of the legendary emperor Napoléon. The throne room by itself is totally worth the detour!

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Forget about typical restaurants this weekend. Instead, try the original concept by Kiffin: they propose a Street Food and Sake night. Spend $28 to be treated like the queen you are. You will savor Aaron Fethertson’s composed dishes paired with his signature cocktails. To top everything off, the decor of the 3439 St-Denis is to die for. Go have fun!

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