Taylor Swift: Born on December 13th, 1989

3rd Sagittarius Decan

Year of the Snake

In a past life was a Philosophy Teacher


Miley Cyrus: Born on November 23rd, 1992

1st Sagittarius Decan

Year of the Monkey

In a past life was a Therapist & Life Coach


On one side of the ring, we’ve got Cyrus who sure fits the bill with her thrill seeker attitude and sense of adventure. Not only is she always up for stepping outside her comfort zone, but she is also a source of inspiration for some of our wildest attires – thank grl! To top it all off, she’s now ventured into legit Malibu territory with her always-on esoteric state of mind – if you catch our drift. If you ask us, we still think Miley “Can’t be tamed” so our only piece of advice to Liam H. is to go with the flow.

On the other side of the ring, please welcome TSwift and her girl gang (sitting front row – of course). With her witty charm, we wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to distract her opponent in order to trick her into losing. One might call this manipulation, but she calls it intelligence. We’ve got to hand it to Swift, she is the kind of sag who is constantly learning something new thanks to her open-mindedness. Even though some people call it downright cockiness – screw ‘em, we say “Call it What You Want”, right Tay?

Whether it’s Cyrus joining Swift’s squad or Tay sitting next to Miley at the judges’ chairs, we would love to see these two work together because we’re certain they would make mountains move.

Whichever side you’re on, we wish you Happy Birthday, Sagittarians! We have no doubt you’ll seize the opportunity to shine even brighter during your birth month.